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Vacations in Pico

Demand for vacations in Pico or the other islands of the Azores has grown rapidly in recent years.

The Azores destination has become a fashion. Islands such as S. Miguel, Terceira, or Pico have seen a growth in demand, especially for European and North American tourists.

Vacations in Pico: Why are the Azores fashionable?

Some reasons explain this increase in tourism in the Azores archipelago.

Social networks, like Facebook or Instagram where it is easy to share experiences and images, are one of the reasons why many seek out the islands. Those who know the Azores have seen what those islands can offer: breathtaking landscapes, lagoons, the sea, and natural pools, volcanic caves, lush nature, and much more.

In addition to the natural beauty, the Azorean people welcome tourists with a smile and kindness typical of these islands, enchanting all who choose the archipelago as a holiday destination.

Several awards that the islands have received as the best tourist destination are another reason for the increase in visitors to the archipelago.

In 2019 the New York Times magazine ranked the Azores as the 9th destination on a restricted list of 52 places to visit.

Earlier, National Geographic Traveler considered the Azores as the second most beautiful islands in the world, in a vote by a panel of 522 tourism experts. The list consisted of 111 destinations.

Also in 2019, the Azores received the important certificate of Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). It was the first time this certificate was awarded to an archipelago.

Most of these awards underline the preserved nature of the islands.

There are many places on the islands that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Just to name a few examples:

  • The historic city center of Angra do Heroismo (Terceira island) is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • Graciosa Caldera (Graciosa Island), classified by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve.
  • Vineyard Cultural Landscape (Pico Island).
  • Flores Island is on the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Network list.
  • Corvo Island is also on the list of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Network.

All the islands are stunning and unique features, however, Pico Island is our favorite.

Video from Pico. Credits Zsuzsi Ilycsin

youtube video Pico
youtube video Pico

Vacations in Pico: Why choose Pico?

Pico Island is the second largest island of the Azores in size. Having 477 km2 only has about 13700 inhabitants, which gives a population density of about 28 inhabitants per km2.

Having a low population, it is a very calm island, with no traffic, no confusion. It is often one of the aspects that most marks tourists when they make their vacations in Pico.

When we compare Pico with other islands, the calm and tranquility of this island stand out. It is an ideal destination for those who want to rest and recharge batteries, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Another advantage of doing vacations in Pico is that the island allows for a simpler, cheaper, and faster way to visit two other islands.

It is the island that is closest to two other islands.

Check the best solutions to travel to Pico

Faial Island is 30 minutes by boat away, and São Jorge Island is 1h30 by boat away.

There are daily boats that allow you to stay on Pico and visit these two other islands simply and cheaply.

Pico is also the most diverse island in terms of nature, as it has almost everything the other islands offer, and other unique ones:

Pico Mountain: Pico Mountain is the largest mountain in the Azores, and the climb to its summit (2351 m) is one of the most unforgettable things you can do in the Azores. It is the only island that offers such an attraction. READ ABOUT THE MOUNTAIN

Whale watching: It is the best island and one of the best cetaceans and dolphins watching places in the world. Some of the best and oldest companies that offer this activity are in Pico.

Volcanic Caves: Pico has one of the main volcanic caves open to the public, the Gruta das Torres, along with Algar do Carvão in Terceira Island, the most visited caves in the Azores. Pico is the island with the most caves in the Azores, it has over 130 officially registered.

Vineyard Landscape: The unique way in which the vineyard is cultivated (UNESCO) makes this landscape unique in the world. Its wine is known worldwide.

Lagoons: The volcanic origin of the Azores and its climate helped to form lagoons. Almost every island has several lagoons, all unique and of great beauty. Pico has some of the most beautiful lagoons in the archipelago, and with the advantage of being wilder and more natural, especially those with more difficult access.

lagoa Seca vacations in pico

Lagoa Seca

Volcanic Natural Pools: Pico Island is the one with the most volcanic natural pools. Because of its low population density and a high number of swimming pools, it is very natural that in midsummer you will be able to have a pool of your own or share it with a few people. CHECK HERE THE BEST POOLS

Museums: In Pico, you will find some unique museums in the archipelago, such as the Wine Museum, Whale Museum, Whaling Industry Museum, and House of Volcanoes.

Walking trails: Pico Island has a total of 14 walking trails, it is the second island with the most trails. And it offers very varied trails, all with immense interest and superb views.

Not being unique to this island, the friendliness and kindness of the people of Pico is something I like to point out.

In general, the Azoreans like and know how to receive visitors, but the Picarotos (people native to Pico Island) are special.

When I met Pico (don’t forget that I am from Terceira Island), it was one of the things that struck me most, the friendliness and kindness of the people of Pico.

For all the reasons I have pointed out and others that I prefer you to find out for yourself, I go to Pico every year, and so I decided to invest in vacation homes in Pico and not on another island.

walking trails vacations in pico

walking trail in Pico

Vacations in Pico: Where to Stay?

As I mentioned earlier, Pico is an island with few inhabitants, and tourism in the Azores until recently was reduced to more developed islands (S. Miguel and Terceira).

For this reason, Pico has virtually no hotels, and its hotel offer is largely AL (vacation homes).

The vast majority of these Pico vacation homes, including ours, are old houses that have been restored as tourist accommodations.

So when looking for a hotel in Pico, it is normal to have a hard time finding it, as the overwhelming slice of holiday accommodation is Pico holiday homes like ours.

Click on the links below to know about our holiday homes if you looking for a vacation in Pico.

Vacations in Pico: Conclusion

It is worth visiting the Azores. And visiting the Azores, and not visiting Pico Island is a pity.

So, if you plan on visiting this beautiful archipelago, don’t just stay for S. Miguel or Terceira.

They are beautiful islands and as much to see, but the Azores are not only 2 islands and the least economically developed islands, they are the ones that offer the most tranquility, preservation, and authenticity.

In case you are thinking of doing your future vacations in Pico, don’t forget to contact us.

Have you are already made vacations in Pico? Comment below how was your experience.

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