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National Geographic Traveler considered the Azores the 2nd most beautiful archipelago in the WORLD, in 111 destinations. 522 experts in sustainable tourism voted.

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The paradise hidden by the sea

The Azores Archipelago, located in the North Atlantic is made up of 9 islands divided into three geographic groups: The eastern group, composed of Santa Maria and São Miguel, the central group, which includes the islands of Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge , Pico and Faial and the western group, made up of the islands of Corvo and Flores.

Located just 2 hours from Lisbon, these volcanic islands will enchant you with their authentic charm. Of a still preserved nature, the Azores offer you breathtaking landscapes. Whether by its volcanoes and green mountains alongside lakes of incredible beauty, by its superb waterfalls, by its roads lined with sumptuous walls of hydrangeas or by the typical vines growing in the middle of volcanic rocks whose color contrasts with the piercing blue of the Atlantic Ocean

Composed of lush flora and impressive fauna, the Azores are an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Azores was certified in 2019 as Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).
Also in 2019, the Azores were ranked 9th in the list of 52 destinations to visit by the New York Times which states: “The subtropical volcanic islands of the Azores, distinguished as UNESCO World Heritage and Biospheres, await discovery”
According to the National Geographic Traveler, they were considered the 2nd most beautiful archipelago in the world. The vote was taken by 522 sustainable tourism experts, with 111 destinations on the list.
The Azorean islands have received, in recent years, several awards for beauty, authenticity, preservation of the nature and traditions of the islands.

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Casinha de Nesquim

This small house was built in 1883 and was completely remodeled recently.

Surrounded by the lush nature of the Azores and the sea, it is the ideal holiday space for those looking for the best the island has to offer: tranquility, fresh air, stunning scenery, and the sea.

The fully equipped kitchen and unlimited 200Mbps internet offer the amenities for long stays, whether for leisure or business.

The outdoor space with different environments and views will offer you unforgettable moments.

To book, follow the link: CASINHA DE NESQUIM

Casa do Almance

This centennial house was totally remodeled in 2018.

The project by an Azorean architect had the objective of maintaining the original architecture and design of the house, typical of the Azores, combining tradition with comfort and modernity.

Everything has been designed to make your holiday unforgettable.

The fully equipped kitchen and unlimited 200Mbps internet offer the amenities for long stays, whether for leisure or business.

To book, follow the link: CASA DO ALMANCE

what to do in pico

Things that you just can't miss in Pico

my azores home

From the top of its 2351 meters of altitude, the mountain of Pico is the highest point of the Portuguese territory. From its magnificent summit, we can admire the breathtaking view of the islands of Faial, São Jorge, Terceira, and Graciosa.

piscinas naturais do pico

The geological formations produced by the encounter of lava flows with the sea created around the island dozens of natural pools.
Swimming in crystal clear waters amidst volcanic black basalt formations is a unique and unforgettable experience!

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The Azores are one of the largest whale sanctuaries in the world. More than 25 cetacean species have been seen in its waters. The deep waters off the coast of Pico make the island one of the best places to do whale watching in the world.

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Pico Island offers 14 trails classified by the Regional Government of the Azores, in order to guarantee the safety and tranquility of hikers. Some of the trails cross UNESCO-classified landscapes. They are the best way to discover the island.

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Pico offers several museums that represent the cultural heritage of Pico: the Whaling Museum, the Whaling Industry Museum, and the Wine Museum. The House of Volcanoes, opened in 2019, is the starting point for knowledge of the volcanoes of the Azores.

my azores home

More than 100 caves have been reported on Pico Island. The Gruta das Torres is the only one open to the public. It plays an important pedagogical function, making known to the general public the geological and biological richness of volcanic cavities.