Pico Island

how to travel to pico island

How to travel to Pico Island

When someone thinks about going to the Azores to visit Piso Island, the first question that comes to mind is: how to travel to Pico Island. The most obvious answer would be to catch a direct flight from Lisbon or Porto to Pico. But there are alternatives. Find out in this article how to travel …

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Gruta das Torres – Cave

The archipelago of The Azores shelters a rich and diverse speleological patrimony due to its volcanic disposition and the presence of a basaltic magma fluid. The Gruta das Torres is one of the main caves that can be visited on the islands. Vulcanic Caves in the Azores There are two principal types of volcanic caves: …

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whale watching

Whale Watching in Pico

Whale Watching in Pico an activity that must be done. The variety of species and natural conditions, make Pico one of the best places in the world for Whale Watching. What is whale watching? As the name suggests, whale watching is a nautical activity that consists of the observation of cetaceans, such as whales and …

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pico hiking trails

Pico Hiking Trails

One of the most interesting activities to do in Pico is the hiking trails. Besides being a healthy activity, it’s free and allows you to get to know places with unique beauty and pieces of this island’s history. History of the hiking trails: For centuries, the Azorians used the sea route to move more easily …

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Pico is an island that possesses multiple museums to be visited by travelers that enjoy this type of activity. The museums of Pico are fascinating because their themes are very connected to, either the culture and history of the island, or its geological nature. We can find museums related to volcanos, whale hunting, and the …

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piscinas naturais do pico

Natural Swimming Pools

Pico, being a volcanic island, is rich in natural swimming pools. This is the island that has the most natural swimming pools of all the islands of the archipelago of the Azores. In this aspect, the island of Pico has a very interesting particularity in relation to all the islands. Because it is the island …

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montanha do pico

Pico Mountain

Pico Mountain is the highest point in Portugal and the third-largest in the Atlantic, at 2,351 meters above sea level, and is part of a nature reserve that aims to preserve and conserve all of its environmental areas. The climb to Pico Mountain is one of the extraordinary experiences that everyone should have, becoming essential in …

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moinho de vento - férias no pico

Vacations in Pico

Demand for vacations in Pico or the other islands of the Azores has grown rapidly in recent years. The Azores destination has become a fashion. Islands such as S. Miguel, Terceira, or Pico have seen a growth in demand, especially for European and North American tourists. Vacations in Pico: Why are the Azores fashionable? Some …

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