Restaurants in Pico Island

One of the questions our guests ask the most is which are the best restaurants in Pico Island in the Azores Archipelago. Or for those less concerned with the concept of the best… simply where to eat on Pico?

The list of restaurants below is based on our opinion, the opinion of our guests, and on reports and reviews taken from websites such as Tripadvisor and others.

This is not an official list of the best restaurants in Pico, but simply a list where we have tried to place some of the restaurants that we believe are worth visiting during your stay on the island of Pico in the Azores.

Furthermore, the article is not sponsored. We received no compensation for placing any of the restaurants here.

restaurantes da ilha do pico
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One of the concerns was to try to choose restaurants in different parts of the island on the list so that people staying in any part of the island can find, not far from them, a good restaurant for lunch or dinner.

So, if you are staying in one of our houses, you already know that you will have a good restaurant close by.

10 Best Restaurants in Pico Island – Azores:

The list below, which includes the 10 restaurants of our choice, has no definite order, that is, it does not go from best to worst.

Pico Island is rich and varied in its unique landscapes, such as the cultural landscape of the vineyard, UNESCO heritage, and Pico’s majestic mountain. The same goes for its gastronomy!

Seafood and freshly caught fish will delight connoisseurs, not forgetting that the Azores is also synonymous with excellent meat.

We have selected 10 restaurants where you can taste the best products and typical dishes from Pico and the Azores in general.

A Tasca O petisca

a tasca o petisca
tasca o petisca – image: tripadvisor

In a simple but pleasant atmosphere, Tasca O Petisca is, without a doubt, the traditional food restaurant that we most recommend on Pico Island.

The dishes are very well prepared with fresh and regional products.

€€ – €€€ | Seafood, Grill, Azorean

Address: Avenida Padre Nunes da Rosa (Areia Larga), Madalena, Portugal

Contact: +351 292 622 357


O Cinco

O cinco
O cinco – image: tripadvisor

Decorated with vintage furniture and objects, and with very friendly staff, you will find in this bar/restaurant unique food inspired by international, national, and regional cuisine, prepared with Azorean products.

There are several tasty and healthy options for vegetarians.

€ – €€ | Healthy, Azorean, International, Grill

Address:  Rua Carlos Dabney, Madalena, Portugal

Contact: +351 292 623 970


Magma Restaurant – Bar

magma restaurante
Magma Image:Tripadvisor

This restaurant offers a breathtaking view over São Jorge and very careful decoration. The menu is varied and the service is pleasant.

A mandatory stop when you come to Pico!

€€ – €€€ | European, Azorean

Address: Travessa do Outeiro das Eiras, 2A, Santo Amaro, Portugal

Contact: +351 292 241 200


Cella Bar

Cella Bar
Cella Bar

Known as “the most beautiful bar in the world”, the Cella Bar has already won international architecture awards.

The bar facing the sea and made of wood reminds us of the back of a whale. Here you can taste the island’s cheeses and sausages accompanied by a good wine.

Next to it, a traditional house made of volcanic black stone, we find the restaurant. Going up to the first floor, you can taste well-prepared dishes with fresh products, where we can find some original dishes made with local products from Pico.

The wine list is varied, with wines from Pico, but not only.

€€ – €€€ | Bar, Mediterranneum, European

Address: Lugar Da Barca, Madalena, Portugal

Contact: +351 292 623 654


Restaurant Fonte Cuisine

Fonte Cuisine
Fonte Cuisine

Located in a charming location and with a pleasant terrace, this restaurant has invested in a kitchen that combines good culinary techniques with the flavors and traditional products of the Azores.

Always worth visiting!

€€ – €€€ | Seafood, International, Portuguese

Address: Caminho de Baixo Silveira, Lajes do Pico, Portugal

Contact: +351 292 679 504

O Ancoradouro

o ancoradouro
o ancoradouro

With an excellent view of Faial Island, this modern and airy space serves quality and very tasty food. Here you can taste the authentic cuisine of Pico.

Dinner on the terrace at sunset is magnificent!

€€ – €€€ | Portuguese, Vegetarian, Gluten Free.

Address: Estrada Longitudinal Areia Larga, Madalena, Portugal

Contact: +351 292 623 490


Ponta da Ilha

Ponta da Ilha
Ponta da Ilha

Located on the east end of the island, this restaurant offers a phenomenal view of the Manhenha lighthouse and the sea!

The dishes are made with good quality regional products. It is the ideal place to taste the typical fish of the area.

€€ – €€€ | Seafood, International, Portuguese

Address: Caminho de Baixo, Manhenha, Piedade, Lajes do Pico

Contact: +351 292 666 708

Mar Sushi Terrace

Mar sushi terrace
Mar sushi terrace

Why advise a sushi restaurant on Pico Island? Because O Mar Sushi Terrace only uses the fish available on the island to make its dishes.

In addition to the fantastic view, you will discover in this space another way of tasting the best products that the Azorean sea has to offer.

€€ – €€€ | Japanese, Sushi

Address: Estrada Regional, 3 Terras , Lajes do Pico, Portugal 

Contact: +351 912 513 308


Taberna do Canal

Taberna do Canal
Taberna do Canal

This typical tavern is very frequented by the locals. A rustic and cozy place with a menu representative of the Azores.

A good surprise when looking for a Pico restaurant with typical flavors.

€€ – €€€ | Seafood, International, Azorean

Address: Avenida Padre Nunes Da Rosa, Madalena, Portugal

Contact:  +351 918 409 397

Site: :

Azores Wine Company – Restaurant

Azores Wine Company
Azores Wine Company

A contemporary and very refined space, with a direct view of the sea and the vineyards. Food of a very high standard, with a focus on regional products, accompanied by excellent wines.

A memorable dining experience, but not accessible to all visitors to the island.

€€€€ | Contemporary, European, Portuguese

Address: Rua Do Poço Velho, Bandeiras, Portugal

Contact: +351 292 241 840


Now you know the answer to the question: “where to eat in Pico“.

The list presents restaurants where we tried to vary the type of menu, and for the elaboration of the list of the 10 restaurants in Pico Island, we tried to include only restaurants that use local and regional products.

Some make products in a more traditional way, but others have innovated in the way they prepare and present them.

All of them have in common good reviews and scores on sites like Tripadvisor and others.

Also in terms of prices, we tried to include restaurants with different prices in the list, because if for some the experience is priceless, for other visitors, price is important.

In most restaurants on the island of Pico, it is always advisable to try to make a reservation in advance, especially in summer.

This advice applies to most of the island’s restaurants and not just the 10 that we’ve featured on this list.

We hope you like the list and that you have the opportunity to try one of the restaurants we recommend on your visit to the island of Pico in the Azores.

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