How to travel to Pico Island

When someone thinks about going to the Azores to visit Piso Island, the first question that comes to mind is: how to travel to Pico Island.

The most obvious answer would be to catch a direct flight from Lisbon or Porto to Pico. But there are alternatives. Find out in this article how to travel to Pico Island.

The second biggest island of the Archipelago is one of the islands that have the most to offer to those who visit it. However, the offer of direct flights from the continent (Lisbon and Porto) is slim and only made by Azores Airlines and by TAP.

However, there are other solutions to be able to travel to Pico that I’ll explain below:

Travel to Pico Island with Direct Flight:

The trips are usually made from Lisbon or Porto, and the involved companies are Azores Airlines and TAP which usually work in a “code-share” partnership, therefore in reality it’s as if it was only 1 company to have the monopoly, whereby the prices tend to end up being a little superior to the trips to S. Miguel or Terceira because in these islands there are other companies that travel there.

The quantity of weekly flights varies according to the time of the year and from year to year, there has been an attempt to adapt the weekly flights to the growth that Tourism has been having in Pico.

como viajar para o pico


How to travel to Pico

Usually, there are between 2 to 3 weekly flights in the low season and 5 flights in the high season. As I referred above, this quantity isn’t tight, for it varies and with the growing number of visitors year after year, the number of weekly flights tends to be superior in the future.

However, you can get an idea that with 1 flight per day, it’s complicated to find a place and prices that are competitive, especially if you try to book summer vacations and if you book the flights after Easter.

Travel to Pico via Horta:

The city of Horta is one of the 5 existing cities in the whole archipelago and is on the neighboring island of Faial. Being a city and the capital of the district, its airport has bigger traffic and, for this reason, the diary flights offer between continent and Horta is superior to the weekly flights offer.

This solution presents yet another advantage. If you can get an early flight, you can take the opportunity to visit the island of Faial, because being that it’s a small island, in some hours you can get to know its tourist spots and get to know another island of The Azores, without spending much.

At the end of the day, you take the boat that crosses the channel between Horta and Madalena of Pico.

The boat trip costs not much more than 3 euros per person and takes only 30 minutes.

To know the schedules of the boats and be able to book the tickets only takes accessing the site of Atlântico online.

Travel to Pico with forwarding:

Since the two islands with the most tourism (S. Miguel and Terceira) also have almost daily Low Cost Ryanair flights, it is possible to take a Ryanair flight from Porto or Lisbon to S. Miguel or Terceira, and from there take a inter-island flights through the local airline SATA.

como viajar para o pico


The advantage is that sometimes you can buy tickets at a much cheaper price, and even adding the price of tickets between S. Miguel or Terceira to Pico, round trip, ends up being cheaper than buying direct with TAP / SATA .


aeroporto da ilha do Pico


Pico Island’s Airport

Travel to Pico via Boat

To those who enjoy boating, you can yet opt by travel to S. Miguel or Terceira and then catch a boat to Pico.

These trips are only available in the high season and are slow, therefore this is rarely the chosen option, especially since the forwarding system exists.

But in the past, it was frequent for people to go from Terceira to Pico by boat. Travel to Pico by boat took 6 to 8 hours, depending on the stops (on the island of S. Jorge) and on the destiny in Pico (São Roque or Madalena).

What is the best way to Travel to Pico?

From the several solutions to travel to Pico Island, the best one, in case you have some time, will be using the forwarding.

The advantages are:

  • More variety of flights
  • Better price
  • The possibility of visiting other two islands.


Beyond the direct flight Lisbon or Porto to Pico, there are other alternatives to travel to Pico Island, some even more accessible and interesting, because they allow getting to know other islands, or for who already knows them, to make a quick visit to friends or locals you’ve met in the past.

Whatever is your favorite solution, it’s worth travel to Pico and getting to know everything this beautiful island has to offer.

And don’t forget to get to know our vacation houses in Pico.


What is the best solution for you to travel to Pico Island? Leave a comment below.

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